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Pure sine wave power frequency inverter main board drive plate 12V24V36V48V60V inverter board circuit board Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Type Hand Tool Parts
Model Number inverter main board
is_customized Yes


Following is a description of the drive panel function parameter settings as follows:

The jump line is set by default when the driver is out of the factory.JP5 JP2 JP7 JP8Short connection.At the same time the corresponding function is the output frequency50Hz 3Second soft start.Dead time is300ns.Users can change settings according to their own requirements

The buyers must note.The function selection of the driver's small board must not be short at the same function..Easy to cause plate damage.such asJP1Not at the same timeJP5Point short connection.

Drive on the boardLEDThe light warning instructions are as follows:

When the product is normal, the lamp is bright.

Overflow of product detection: lamp flash2lower Extinguish2second The glint that has been circulating all the time

Overvoltage of product detection: lamp flash3lower Extinguish2second The glint that has been circulating all the time

Product detection undervoltage: lamp flash4lower Extinguish2second The glint that has been circulating all the time

Power frequency sine wave inverter motherboard interface function description:

1Fan interface:This interface is used to connect the cooling fan.When the temperature of the internal temperature or the invert main board is too high.The heat dissipation fan automatically starts to heat the heat.When the temperature inside the aircraft or the temperature of the inverter motherboard drops to normal temperature,.Automatic closing of the fan.

TwoSwitch interface:The switch interface is two lines.When two lines are disconnected, the inverter is in standby state.The light is red at this time.).The two lines of the interface are short connected with the inverter starting state.(The light is green at this time)The inverter is normally available220Voutput voltage

Three220VVoltage feedback interface:The two lines of the interface are to be output from the inverter220VExchange.Easy to stabilize the inverter output voltage.If there is no steady pressure.Please be sure to pick up this line

FourDouble color indicator:Light red is a standby state indicator.Bright green is the boot status indication

The circuit board has the following performance indicators:

OneThe inverter drive board has an automatic and stable output voltage function.. Undervoltage battery.Overvoltage of battery.Overload overload overcurrent short circuit protection.The advantages of product overheating protection

TwoThe output waveform is a pure sine wave.Load power foot.Instant carrying capacity. Power supply is fast.Low temperature rise in long term work.No interference to electrical appliances.It is the preferred motherboard for home and industrial users and enthusiasts.

3.High Conversion Efficiency and Stability of Output Voltage

4.Small no-load current.No-load current is less than200MA

Five220VThe output voltage of the inverter can adjust its function

Power frequency sine wave inverter main board function description:

1.Battery voltage low voltage protection:

When the battery voltage is lower than each block10.5Vtime.Inverters will turn off the inverter output(No AC voltage output at this time)The inverter is in the standby mode.

2.Battery voltage overvoltage protection:

When the battery voltage is higher than each block16Vtime.Inverters will also turn off the inverter output.Enter the standby mode state.

3.Automatic starting inverter after battery voltage is restored to normal:

When the battery voltage is too low.Charging each battery when the battery voltage is charged12Vtime.The inverter will automatically start and output communication220VVoltage supply to load.When the battery voltage is too high.Overvoltage protection function begins to protect.Inverter shutdown is in standby state.When the battery voltage is restored to each cell voltage15When below volt.The inverter will start and output automatically.220Voltage AC voltage to load power.

4.Temperature control fan and over temperature protection:

The fan does not turn when the inverter is working normally.When the temperature is too high.Automatic fan operation.When the temperature drops.Automatic fan stop operation.When the fan is damaged.After the temperature is too high.Inverters will turn off the inverter.Enter the standby mode.When the temperature drops.Automatic start up Inverters.Output alternating current.

5.Voltage load impact protection:

The inverter has a wave by - wave current limiting protection with time and real hardware.And software delay (400mS) short circuit protection and power frequency transformer are isolated.The impact resistance and long-term reliability of the load are improved.

6.Automatic voltage stabilizing function:

When the back level increases or reduces the load power hours.Variation of Voltage Parameters in Inspection Circuit of Inverter Driver Board Time.And adjust the driving signal size of the driving plate according to the voltage variation range..Thus ensuring the output of the inverter220VVoltage stability.

7.Short circuit protection:When the load terminal load of the inverter is short circuited.When the short-circuit current exceeds the set value.This circuit will turn off the inverter output.

8.Product overheating protection:

When the inverter's radiator temperature exceeds45Degree time.Inverter will automatically start cooling fan to reduce product temperature..When the temperature of the radiator exceeds85Degree time.Inverter will automatically turn off the inverter output.

You must have a clear view of the buyers.The motherboard is a power frequency sine wave inverter drive main board which needs to cooperate with the power frequency transformer.(Iron transformer)To assemble the finished product of the whole inverter

The configuration parameters of the inverter drive board can be as follows:

Circular (circular) square (rounded) square (EI,FFUForm (CD).As long as it's input communication220

Volt.Output communication6~52VThe single winding transformer can be used normally.

The recommended transformer power and voltage parameters are as follows:

12VExchange of battery power220Transfer AC output6-6.5VTransformer.power1500W

24VExchange of battery power220Transfer AC output12-14VTransformer.power3500W

36VExchange of battery power220Transfer AC output18-22VTransformer.power4500W

48VExchange of battery power220Transfer AC output24-28VTransformer.power6000W

60VExchange of battery power220Transfer AC output29-34VTransformer.power7500W

72VExchange of battery power220Transfer AC output35-42VTransformer.power8000W


Please be sure to pay attention to the buyers:Under the above battery power supply voltage.If the selection of the transformer is not matched(For example, normal48Volt battery power supply should be exchanged220Transfer AC output24-28VTransformer.As a result, you have used communication220Transfer AC output32VTransformer)So the inverter will appear output220VVoltage unregulated pressure.Therefore, it is important to select the voltage parameters of the transformer.

The default delivery of the motherboard is a soft boot function.Output voltage after opening0VSlowly rising to220V (Voltage rise time3Second time)If you need a hard start, please leave a message or talk to the shopkeeper.

What is soft start: The output voltage of the inverter after the opening is from0VSlowly rise to220V (3Second time)

What is hard start:Direct output of inverter after starting220VThe voltage can work directly with the load

Important hints:Don't take the load if the machine is assembled..First of all, we need to test the no-load current.If the no-load current is greater than500MAThe above need to be at the low voltage end of the transformerConcatenate one48UHInductance.This inductor must be added to the ring type transformer(If you don't understand, you can communicate with the shopkeeper)

The inverter drive board needs to have certain electronic technology when assembling personnel and the heart is fine.

: long230mmwide125mmhigh75mm


Packing list: motherboardX 1switchX 1Main board matching lineX 5CapacitanceX 1